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Farver Farms
City: Scobey, MT, 59263
About Us
Before you know anything else about us, you should know that we are so incredibly grateful for our lifestyle. The opportunity to work together side-by-side every day, raise our kids right smack in the middle of Rural America, & see the miracle of growth in every new season is one we don’t take for granted.

In 1926, Terry’s Great-Grandfather on his mother’s side, C.K. Hanson, purchased the homestead and part of the farm where we live now. Since then, his family has been growing grain here on the prairies of Northeast Montana. Combined with the heritage on his father’s side and their history back to the late 30’s in the area, his roots here run deep.
My Grandma was a good German, & taught me from a very young age that “we feed people, we feed them often, & we feed them well.”

That heritage, coupled with a desire to share the products we grow and to find an alternate income stream to help support our Farm, led me to develop the line of Farver Farms Dry Mixes.

Each of the mixes centers around either the wheat or lentils we grow here on the Farm and is combined with a special selection of spices to create a hearty, nutritious base. You simply add one or two ingredients commonly found in most kitchens, and you’ve got a homemade, full of flavor meal, snack or sweet treat that you can feel great about serving to your family.