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Cowgirl Meat Co.
Contact: Jaimie Stoltzfus
City: Big Timber, MT,
About Us
Ranch Wife, Mother, Cowgirl, Pig Farmer, Meat Lover. Welcome to my life. My husband and I help run the PBar Ranch, a black angus cattle ranch in the mountains of Montana. We are passionate about the animals we raise as well as the ranching lifestyle. As a mother of two, it is important to me to feed my family high quality food where we know where it comes from. That was the inspiration for Cowgirl Meat Co. I started raising pork and beef for my family. I then shared the meat with friends and family which grew into the business I have today. I hope you enjoy the meat as much as we do.
Quality Source:
PORK: We currently source our piglets from a family in Townsend, MT. They raise high quality heritage breed pigs. All our our pigs are Berkshire, Berkshire/Duroc or a Berkshire/Hampshire cross.

BEEF: Our grass finished beef are from the PBar Ranch, the ranch we manage, and they are raised and finished on the ranch here outside of Big Timber, MT. All of our cattle are bred for the highest quality grass finished beef. We butcher at 26 months, much more than average, giving them a nice finish that is hard to find elsewhere. We are American Grass-fed Association Certified.
Quality Feed:
PORK: Our pigs are fed a local, hormone free, antibiotic free, and animal protein free diet (which is not easy to do). Our ration comes from Yellowstone Feed in Big Timber, MT.

BEEF: The grass finished beef we raise never leave the ranch and graze on pasture ground most of the year. In the winter they are fed quality hay harvested right off the ranch they live on.

Quality Care:‚Äč
PORK: Our pigs live in a paddock with a barn and are able to roam around freely. in the Spring , Summer, and Fall, they are able to rotate through our pastures as well. They are exposed to fresh Montana air and are touched by humans daily as part of our children's visit to feed the pigs.

BEEF: Our cattle roam freely on over 5,000 acres of pasture land. They have access to fresh water year round and are given protein and mineral supplements. The beef we sell has not received any hormones or antibiotics. If our calves get sick, we give them the needed antibiotics, but they are then sold through a different avenue.

Quality Processing:
PORK: Our pork is processed at Pioneer Meats in Big Timber, MT, a USDA inspected processing facility who have a reputation for excellence.

BEEF: Our beef is processed at Pioneer, Meats as well.