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City: Bozeman, MT, 59715
Phone: 406-587-4246
About Us
Olivelle was founded in 2006 as a specialty food retail store in Bozeman, MT by the mother and daughter team of Michelle & Brie. After becoming frustrated with the lack of quality and consistency available in the infused oil and vinegar category, they began playing around with their premium quality oils and vinegars that were traditionally only sold uninfused. As a “specialty store" we knew that we needed to offer our customers something above and beyond what was currently available in the market if we wanted to survive and thrive. From the high quality of our products to the personal tastings and interactive fresh-filled experience; our goal has always been to wow every customer when they walk in the door.

Today, Olivelle produces over 100 high quality products including olive oils, vinegars, spice blends, and artisanal salts. Built around the motto “The Art of Flavor®” our goal is to evoke a passion for great tasting food that is approachable and easy. We want to inspire everyday delicious, healthy, easy meals that bring friends and families to the table.