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Genuine Ice Cream
City: Bozeman, MT,
Phone: 406-624-6633
About Us
Our business is ice cream and our purpose is community.

We are Genuine Ice Cream, a Bozeman, Montana based small-batch, hand-made ice creamery that draws inspiration from the Montana lifestyle. We work hard, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and treat everyone like our neighbor.
Because we believe in supporting our neighbors and communities, we are a 2% for Conservation certified business. We donate 1% of proceeds to nonprofits that support conservation efforts to preserve the places we love and we donate 1% of our time to causes that do the same.

We donate time and money to good people and good causes — organizations out there doing the work to make our communities a better place to live, and our planet a better place for us all. We believe it’s our responsibility to share what’s been given to us, and bring joy through our actions as well as our ice cream.