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King's Cupboard
City: Red Lodge, MT, 59068
About Us
For over 30 years, King’s Cupboard has proudly been a local manufacturer and wholesale distributor of delicious dessert products. We make our sauces with only pure, clean ingredients.

Our innovative product development, as well as our relentless quest for exceptional cacao ingredients, has led to fourteen NASFT SOFI Outstanding Product Awards. Our mission includes a commitment to our co-workers and nurturing the community in which we live.
Our processing facility overlooks the spectacular Beartooth Mountains – a constant reminder that we need to lessen our environmental impact. We source local agricultural ingredients to support regional growers and decrease transport distances when possible. We have a recycling program and have supported efforts to launch a comprehensive countywide recycling program.

Heat from our processing equipment is captured and used to warm our warehouse in the winter months and in the summer months, cooler outside evening air is brought in to control our building temperature – both of which substantially reduce our carbon footprint.

King’s Cupboard also maintains certified organic dessert sauces and uses Non-GMO ingredients in an effort to support organic farming and reduce our global impact.

So if you’re looking for something to top your favorite sweet treats, try a decadent sauce like our bittersweet dark chocolate sauce, or perhaps organic caramel sauce, or our delicious organic hot fudge sauce. Our Kosher certified sauces all work perfectly with ice cream, or any dessert that needs an extra dimension of flavor.