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Root Cellar Foods
Contact: Christina Angell
Address: PO Box 1251 Bozeman, MT, 59771
Phone: 406-813-8484
About Us
The demand for delicious, fresh foods is accompanied by a commitment to reducing the distance between farm and fork. That’s where we come in. Root Cellar Foods turns locally grown and organic vegetables into ingredients that both large-scale institutions (grocery stores, universities, restaurants) and retail consumers can use to prepare meals. Farmers do the planting, growing and harvesting. We do the washing, chopping, shredding, and slicing. Our new online market (implemented June 2020) increases accessibility of local produce, as well as local meat, dairy, grains, and other value-added items to the Gallatin Valley community.

Root Cellar Foods Owner, Managers and Staff are deeply connected to the local food system in Montana. We bring a wealth of experience in food production, processing, distribution, marketing and food writing. We are a passionate team dedicated to making it easier for businesses and home cooks alike to serve fresh, locally grown food.