Morrill Farm
Contact: Mark Morrill
Address: 5535 Staffanson Road Bozeman, MT, 59718
About Us
Morrill Farm is a new small farm in Bozeman.  I am currently focusing on potatoes, sweet corn, daikon radish, pro cut sunflowers and cut flowers.  I am expanding each year with more garden beds and more cut flowers.  I am starting an orchard with about 40 fruit trees, mostly apples and pears, and I am expanding the orchard each year as well.  Once the fruit trees become more established I will be expanding what I will be selling.  I have a small greenhouse to help start seedlings and extend the growing season.  I have some chickens for fresh eggs and to help fertilize the gardens, and will be using llamas next year as well.  I am using rainwater collection to help water in the greenhouse, and would like to expand the rainwater collection to help water the outside garden beds. 
I use organic practices of no pesticides or herbicides, I use cover crops and crop rotations.  I use annual and perennial flowers to attract beneficial insects.  I am currently using low till to help establish the new garden beds.