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Bodhi Farms
Contact: Rayner & Tanya Smith
Address: 13624 S Cottonwood Rd Bozeman, MT, 59718
About Us
Food production in harmony with nature.
In establishing Bodhi Farms, we were tasked with the decision on whether or not to become a Certified USDA Organic farm. While we believe that the Certified USDA Organic program has certainly led the way with regards to producer transparency, in addition to consumer education around healthy food, we opted not to invest the time and considerable cost in this certification. Instead, we think the next step in the health food trend is a more localized approach where farmers and producers take responsibility for growing food as sustainably as possible while being transparent about their practices. As our customers, we invite you to enjoy our organic produce. We hope to serve as an example of best practices and encourage you to share our story with other farmers and producers.

Vision & Mission
What we strive to achieve.
Our goal is to create a unique, sustainable, sophisticated