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Bear Canyon Farm
Contact: Katie and Eric Harris
Address: 3271 Bozeman Trail Rd. Bozeman, MT, 59715
Phone: 406-662-8706
About Us
Bear Canyon Farm is a non-profit farm operation established in 2017 on land leased from Mount Ellis Academy. The farm exists to provide employment and hands-on learning opportunities for students at Mount Ellis Academy, and to deliver healthy, fresh, local produce to the community. Our goal is to equip students with practical skills and unique agricultural knowledge—preparing them to be reliable, responsible employees and volunteers in their communities and in the world. We not only want to provide produce to our local community, but we also want the next generation to more fully understand where their food comes from and how to grow it themselves. Besides our involvement with Mount Ellis Academy, we enjoy regular visits from classes at Mount Ellis Elementary and welcome any local schools who want to visit the farm to learn more about the food we eat!
Bear Canyon Farm is a small family run farm with an educational component. We are not organically certified, but we do not use any conventional herbicides or pesticides. Our goal is to grow nutritionally dense produce that our customers feel confident feeding to even the youngest member of their family.