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About Us
The Greenwalt family has farmed in Washington state for more than 110 years. Our family immigrated from the Odessa region of southern Russia after being a part of the original Volga Germans, who had their rights revoked by the very government that invited them in to share their advanced agricultural knowledge. It was in 1899 that my great grandfather homesteaded land in the Eastern Washington region spanning the area between Odessa and Ritzville.

Those who know agriculture know that at times your farm can flourish and at times your farm will struggle. The Greenwalt family farm is no different, and I remember the stories my father told me of how the family would at times resort to picking apples in the Wenatchee and Yakima area orchards to help support the farm.
We are committed to bringing our high-quality oil from the family farm to your family table. Our unrefined Camelina Gold Oil is made without the addition of chemicals or synthetic herbicides and insecticides. We select our crops with care and take pride in providing you with a versatile product teeming with nutritional benefits. This natural oil offers an intensely flavorful experience similar to that of almond oil. Our nutrient content also includes:

Antioxidants (high Vitamin E content).
Anti-Inflammatory properties (both topically and internally).
Anti-Arthritic properties (high Omega-3 content which alleviates pain caused by arthritis).
Heart Healthy (reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol levels).
Superb moisturizer for skin and hair.
475-degree smoke point which is much higher than olive, coconut, canola, grapeseed and most other cooking oils.
Made in the USA.
FDA Approved.

Look for our product in a grocer near you, and experience the benefits of our Camelina Gold Oil straight from our farm to your family table.