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Front Porch Chocolate
City: Bozeman, MT,
About Us
The idea for Front Porch Chocolate came on a warm Fall afternoon on our front porch in Bozeman, MT. We were nibbling on a few bites of Greg’s homemade dark chocolate while neighbors passed by with a wave, birds sang their song, and the autumn wind breezed through the trees. At that moment, there was no place to be besides on the porch with each other and our chocolate. Thus, the idea for Front Porch Chocolate began. We started selling chocolate right off our front porch for pickup only. Now we are absolutely thrilled to bring the “Front Porch Pickup” to you in shops, cafés, bakeries, and yes, even the internet. This chocolate is meant to be slow in every way, from the packaging to the chocolate itself, and encourage front porch moments with friends, family, or just yourself. Front porches may be fixed in place, but a front porch mindset can be achieved anywhere. Our hope is that our chocolate will help getting there just a little easier.