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Dolina Pasta
Contact: Susanne Klaric
City: Bozeman, MT, 59771
Phone: 406-404-6210
About Us
Living and working in the beautiful Gallatin and Paradise Valleys has inspired the name Dolina, which means "valley."
All the flour in our pasta is organic, and grown and milled in Montana. Not only do we love supporting our local farmers and producers, but we are also proud that Montana grows some of the world's best wheat. Montana's cool summer nights, long warm days, and dry harvest season work together to create perfect growing conditions. Montana wheat is so good that most of the wheat used by Italian pasta makers is grown right here.

The eggs in our pasta come from pastured chickens. Because the chickens are fed a healthy, organic diet and are also allowed to forage for their food, they produce eggs with rich, flavorful, bright orange yolks. And having a local supplier also allows us to use eggs that are exceptionally fresh, which means more flavorful pasta.

Flour and eggs are mixed with water to form a stiff dough, which is fed through a series of steel rollers to create one long sheet of pasta. That sheet then passes through another set of rollers to bring it to the right thickness. Brass cutters slice the pasta into strips of linguine or pappardelle. The brass also gives the surface of the noodles texture, so that the pasta is more easily coated with sauce. After it's cut, the pasta is briefly air-dried, allowing it to be packaged and stored.