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Montana Highland Lamb
Address: 680 Hwy 55 Whitehall, Montana 59759 Montana / Jefferson , ,
About Us
A small family ranch at the foot of the Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana Highland Lamb raises grass-fed livestock on regenerative pasture with no fertilizer, herbicides, or anything else. Just pure grass that is allowed to communicate with soil microbes for its essential nutrients. This means very nutrient dense grass, which creates tasty lamb and beef! The Scotts also feed their livestock locally raised barley and alfalfa hay, and have avoided feeding corn in order to be GMO-free.

Dave and Jenny Scott have worked hard over the years to refine their operation using university-based research, close observation, predator-friendly practices, and outside-the-box thinking. As they've refined their composting method, their compost has become so desirable for local gardeners that they typically sell out in about three weeks.
Mob GrazingNo Sub-Therapeutic AntibioticsRaised Without Added Hormones