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Western Montana Growers Co-op
City: Missoula, MT, 59802
About Us
Western Montana Growers Cooperative (WMGC) is a coalition of growers in the Flathead, Jocko, Mission and Bitterroot Valleys whose goal is to provide the market in our region with fresh, quality products from our farms. To reach that goal, the cooperative provides a wholesale marketing and delivery service for its members. We strive to improve the local food system of our area by enhancing the sustainability of local farms and contributing to local economic growth, while reducing the demand of produce being shipped here from long distances.

WMGC is farmer-owned and supplies a full-plate of Montana grown products including fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, lentils, honey, meats, and other value added items. Our passionate staff members collaborate closely with our farmers and food producers to ensure seamless service from pre-harvest to delivery at your door.
Cooperation: Growers will work together to share both skills and costs and effectively build relationships between each other and consumers that strengthen the larger communities of which they are all a par

Appropriate technology: Growers will produce and market to neighboring communities and surrounding regions at scales that fit their operations and minimize both economic and environmental costs for everyone.

Land stewardship: Growers will manage their land in a sustainable manner and preserve the rural landscape in ways that benefit the environment and local communities.

Social equity: Growers will interact with and provide for all segments of their local communities in the process of producing and marketing nourishing food products from their farms and ranches.