Smart Chicken
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About Us
Tecumseh Poultry was founded in 1998, based on a simple goal to produce the best fresh chicken in the United States. We set out to study every step involved in raising and processing chickens so as to define and then implement methods which we determined would result in the highest quality finished products. In other words, to do things the right way. Not necessarily the easiest, fastest or most efficient way. Simply the right way.

We believed—and we still believe—that the right way includes the proper treatment and care of our chickens and also our people, and the utmost care and discretion in how we process and package our product. Further, we believed that we could do so while keeping a careful eye on the environment and on the sustainability and renewability of the resources we would need to access. We knew we would have to be able to do things efficiently, but we also believed that consumers would be willing to pay a little more for a superior product produced with these principles in mind. We have restored taste to store-bought chicken in this country, and we take great pride in that accomplishment.

We’ve also learned a great many things along the way, including the fact that the job is never done. There are always improvements and enhancements to be made, and our quest to be the best and to continue to raise the bar will never end.

This summary describes many of the things we do differently than the industry and explains why we do them that way. We have been pleased to see that several producers have subsequently tried to emulate many of our principles and processes, and we welcome those developments. We appreciate the challenge to stay ahead of the pack—a challenge that drives us to get better and better; it does not, and never will, tempt us to cut corners or settle for anything less than the best.
Fresh, Pure Air-Chilled
No Antibiotics EVER Smart Chicken

Smart Chicken is raised and processed with attention to detail every step of the way. Chickens are fed a high-quality diet, humanely handled, and never given antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products. All Smart Chicken is 100% pure air chilled, without added water. The result is the best-tasting, highest-quality fresh chicken on the market.

Pure Air-Chilled

No Added Water

No Antibiotics EVER

Fed a Vegetarian Diet

No Animal By-Products

Sustainably Raised

Humanely Handled