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Treeline Coffee Roasters
Contact: Natalie Van Dusen and Deejay Newell
Address: 624 N Wallace Bozeman, MT, 59715
About Us
ONCE UPON A TIME in a land far, far away, our fearless leader Natalie discovered the ancient craft of coffee roasting while traveling across Colombia on a motorcycle adventure. Driven by curiosity and a fierce love of coffee, she was inspired by her visit with the farmer, Don Eilas, who not only taught her about the growing process but also invited her into his home to show her how he roasted freshly harvested coffee over an open flame.

Natalie brought her newfound love home with her to San Francisco where she worked joyfully, roasting coffee in a cast iron skillet over a stovetop. Over the next six years, Natalie cultivated her craft, experimentally roasting until eventually her passion outgrew its status as a hobby. Natalie made the decision to leave her career in tech to focus solely on coffee.

Her love of roasting, mountains, and outdoor adventure ultimately brought her to Bozeman, Montana where she discovered an even more unique perspective on coffee. She had always imagined the inspiring tale of coffee beginning in the lush treelines of places like Colombia, then traveling across land and sea to her roaster, and finally coming to an epic close as it’s brewed and delivered with love into the hands of fellow coffee lovers.

Upon settling into Bozeman, it occurred to her that the story of coffee goes even further than the moment of joyful consumption. It goes with us, inside us, as we transform it into fuel for the things we love!

Hiking, biking, skiing, camping… all among the wild and varied treelines of the world.

In 2013, Natalie founded her first coffee business, Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters. For three years LRW focused on educating its customers on the stunning complexity of coffee, and how to achieve richness and depth in every bean.

In 2016, Natalie found the perfect space for a flagship cafe and roastery, and with it the opportunity to rebrand. The Wagon had served her well, but it didn’t seem to convey the philosophy she had discovered as her craft developed. She wanted something that spoke of the outdoors and the interconnected story of coffee from farm to cup…to adventure.

And so the little business that started in a frozen food truck, with a beloved and legendary roaster names Francis, was re-born as Treeline Coffee Roasters, a fully formed roastery with two cafes - one in Bozeman’s North Side Mill District and the other Downtown.

As LRW became Treeline, Natalie’s childhood friend (affectionately referred to as her sister) Deejay Newell came on as co-owner of Treeline, and together they have worked alongside one another - and a stellar team of baristas, roasters, designers, and bakers - to create a brand that is rooted in community, driven by craftsmanship, and inspired by the incredible story of how coffee finds its way into our happy bellies to fuel the things we love.
That means we source our beans seasonally from farms that emphasize quality production, ethical working conditions, and sustainable practices.

In our efforts to understand farming practice and foster global connection wherever possible, we have made it a priority to visit the captivating countries our beans hail from.

What we’ve discovered is that each cup of coffee we consume would not be possible without the labor of dozens of individuals along the supply chain; from cultivation and harvest to roasting and brewing.

We are proud to be part of this ‘life cycle’ and, as stewards of this delicate crop, take pride in sourcing amazing beans, roasting them to their full potential, and sharing them with you to enjoy!

This underlying philosophy has lead us to develop roast profiles that coax out the natural sweetness, richness, and depth of each bean. Through our sensory approach we are guided by the unique characteristics of individual coffee crops, resulting in what is typically described as “lighter roasts” by industry standards.

Our love affair with roasting began in a skillet over a stovetop, before moving to a popcorn popper and eventually matriculating to more sophisticated home roasting machines. Our first industrial roaster, a custom-built San Franciscan SF-6, lovingly named Francis, served us well for many years as we honed in on our signature style while roasting tiny six pound batches.

We soon realized the need for a larger roaster and so set aside our beloved Francis and welcomed a new sister to the Treeline clan: Beulah, a custom built mint-green SF-25.

Freshness matters. We take pride in our commitment to freshness by dating each batch of coffee so you'll know exactly when your beans were roasted.