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Chicken Creek Homestead
Contact: Brooks Watson and Tami Parrott
City: Livingston, MT, 59047
About Us
Fleece, Fur, and Family

It’s in our genes to raise and care for animals. Our ancestors were cattle ranchers in west Texas and homesteaders in western Oklahoma. We are a small operation, focusing on quality. We have a small flock and can identify each of our animals by sight to ensure that every individual is healthy and carefully managed. (Some of the girls eat dog biscuits!)

We are dedicated to high welfare livestock management and husbandry practices because we love animals and enjoy caring for them. Our sheep, lambs, goats and kids have access to the outdoors in green pastures in the beautiful Shields Valley for their entire lives. They drink year-round from a pristine creek that flows out of the Crazy Mountains.
Our animals do not experience unnecessary stress at any time.

Our critters can behave as nature intended, including natural weaning of lambs and kids so that moms and babes decide when they’re ready.

We practice rotational grazing so that pastures recover before animals graze again. This type of grazing management keeps soils healthy and fertilized, allowing us to eliminate chemical fertilizers and minimize the use of chemical parasite treatments for livestock.