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Conservation Grains
Contact: Judy Cornell
City: Choteau, MT, 59422
Phone: 406-578-3722
About Us
Conservation Grains sell milled and whole grains grown in Montana and the Rocky Mountain Front by families who are working to improve the soil life and wildlife habitat on their farms. Some of the best grains in the world are grown in the region. Our flours are stone-ground for the best nutrition and flavor.
There is white flour, there is whole wheat flour, and then there is whole grain flour.

Many flours labeled as whole wheat are in fact reconstructed from white flour, a process that loses nearly all the germ and much of the grain’s full spectrum of nutrients.

The word “enriched” on a label indicates a poor substitute for what nature had originally packed into a kernel of grain.

Conservation Grains mills only fresh 100% whole grain, stone-ground flours because that’s what’s best for your health and for really great flavor.

First we start with quality grains from Montana farms and elevators that we know and trust.

Then we mill grains, testing for nutrition, baking qualities and great flavor to create our Flour from the Front selections. Each flour has its own character and flavor that you can’t find anywhere else …

What’s Inside: Every bag of FLOUR from the FRONT has a mill date, a list of each grain and its gluten protein %, the year of harvest and the farm where it was grown.

Storage: 100% whole grain flours can keep well for six months to a year when stored in an air-tight container placed in a cool, dry, dark place or in a freezer. Nonetheless, all flour begins to oxidize the moment the grains are broken by milling.