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Gluten Free Prairie
City: Manhattan, MT, 59741
About Us
Gluten-Free Prairie was founded in 2012. Built on the foundation of the American dream that anything is possible. Dedicated to providing fresh and healthy Gluten-Free products. From the heart of our Gluten-Free Prairie in Big Sky Country, Montana, USA.

Gluten-Free Prairie (or GFP as it’s called by the family) strives to create gluten-free food that is not only safe for celiacs and gluten-intolerant people, but also people with no wheat allergies at all. Jeremy Wheaton, the baker in the group, has developed the recipes with flavor in mind. We think you’ll agree that Gluten-Free Prairie products can be enjoyed by just about everyone that likes tasty food.

The Gluten-Free Prairie family is Deb and Rick Wheaton, along with their son Jeremy and his wife Jenn.