Ferndale Farmstead Creamery
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About Us
We are three generations of the Wavrin Family of farmers in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best artisan cheese crafted in the Italian tradition.

Our story began in the early nineties, when farmers Bill and Laurie Wavrin were joined by his brother Sid and wife Kelly to embark on a new venture together. In 2009, the family purchased what is now Ferndale Farmstead dairy farm, from the Larsen Family, longtime farmers in Ferndale, WA.

Growing up working on the farm, Bill’s son, Daniel, had a desire to stay involved with the family business. In 2011, while attending school at Cal Poly University, he discovered artisan cheese.

With the support of his father and uncle, they began the process of building a creamery. Construction started in 2013, following a number of visits to cheese artisans and universities in the heartland of America, from California to Wisconsin and Vermont.

SEED in our SOIL to the GRASS in our FIELDS to FEED our COWS that we MILK to make the CHEESE on your table

This is our Seed-to-Cheese process. It's not only the way through which every handcrafted cheese we produce comes to life, but it is an important part of our value system. The Ferndale Farmstead is truly sustainable, in that we grow our own feed used to nurture our own cattle on the same place where the milk from those cows is turned into our cheese. This is all in our hands, and we put the utmost care into each step so that you can be sure the cheese was crafted pure, from seed... to your table.