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Bitterroot Zucchini Relish Products
City: Superior , MT, 59872
About Us
I began my canning experience more than 30 years ago when I was given a relish recipe from my sister. During that time, I was processing the ingredients entirely by hand as no electric devices were available to me. Over the years, I perfected the recipe to the point that family and friends wanted the relish more and more. A couple of years ago, I started the process of getting licensing, educational training, certifications, and label designs. It was very exciting to finally see my relish as a marketable product with its own nutritional facts and bar code. We use only the best and freshest produce and spices available. Local growers are our first choice in selecting quality ingredients for our zucchini relish products. Our 'Bitterroot Sweet' and 'Dill Zucchini' relishes have no preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors. You will agree the taste and texture is unlike any other relish on the market. We pride ourselves on making the freshest, tastiest and most colorful relish available. I am expanding my product line and I'm looking forward to offering new flavors of my relish and baked goods.
I have more than ten stores statewide selling my products. Please contact me for an extended listing. We are now in our commercial facility in beautiful Superior, Montana.