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Unwaffle Superfood Waffles
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About Us

Who We Are

Unwaffle was born from a simple mission: to unite nutrition and convenience in a delicious breakfast that anyone can eat. Myself (Chef Erik) and my wife, Mollie, are private chefs and parents of three kids with food allergies. As such, we're no strangers to the challenges of breakfast time, let alone one with dietary restrictions involved. And as working professionals, we're constantly on the go and always seeking the most nutritious, energizing, and delicious food we can find for our family. As it turns out, so are our clients, and that's exactly how Unwaffle was born.

The First Waffle

One day, I was cooking for a group of private clients getting ready for a day of skiing. Their heads knew they needed energy for an active day, and the logical choice was the nutritious impact of overnight oats. But it was a cold winter day, and in their hearts, they all desired the hot, crispy, and delicious flavor and texture of something fun, like a waffle.

Curious, I tried plopping a scoop of overnight oats in the waffle iron, with disastrous results, but the seed of the idea was planted firmly in my mind. I had to find a way to make an allergen-free, highly nutritious, exceptionally delicious toaster waffle that all could enjoy, regardless of preference or restriction.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I spent the next several years carefully milling, blending, and cooking hundreds of iterations to find the exact right flavor and texture. I tested those recipes on our three hungry children along the way.

What resulted is a waffle recipe that satisfies picky eaters and nutrition-conscious parents alike... A food that's as nourishing as it is fun to prepare as family on a Sunday morning... Something you can be proud to serve your family and yourself as you all prepare to squeeze the absolute most out of your productive day.