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Learn more about bison meat vs beef in Three Forks, MT

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up meat entirely. If you want to cut calories and fat while still enjoying your favorite dishes, consider buying from Madison River Ranch Bison and Beef. Bison meat has a similar taste but offers a variety of advantages. When it comes to bison meat vs beef, the choice is clear:

Bison contains more vitamins and minerals, giving you more bang for your buck
Bison has fewer calories, less fat and more protein than beef, making it a healthier alternative
Bison meat cholesterol content is even lower than chicken, so it’s a good option for people suffering from high cholesterol

You don’t have to quit meat cold-turkey. Since our bison meat’s cholesterol, fat and calorie content is lower than several other meats, you’ll enjoy a healthier diet with this one simple substitution. Call us at 406-581-5516 to learn how you can switch to bison meat in Three Forks, MT.